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Alliance Pharmaceuticals GmbH is our German operating company based in Düsseldorf and is responsible for the distribution of a number of healthcare products across Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACh)

We have always had a strong focus on business development within the region through identifying and evaluating acquisition opportunities and developing relationships with partners who can support our acquisition strategy across Europe. To understand more about our acquisition strategy, please see our Business Development hub.

Through these acquisition activities, we have built up a diverse healthcare products portfolio in Germany including niche hospital medications such as Irenat™ Tropfen and Haemopressin®, dermatological medical devices such as Kelo-cote® and Atopiclair®, skin care cosmetics such as Papulex® and Gen-Ongles®, and Macushield®, a food for special medical purposes.

Our business activities in DACh are based in Düsseldorf and led by local Country Manager, Lars Boerger. Further information about our products in Germany can be found here, or alternatively please contact us.



Lars Boerger | Country Manager DACh

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