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Breathing life into medicines

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We recognise that our responsibilities extend beyond the direct impact of our business and into the environment and society. We are committed to operating with integrity, improving environmental efficiency and making a lasting social contribution to communities at home and around the world. 


Social Responsibility 

We have been a supporter of International Health Partners since 2009. IHP are Europe's largest facilitator of product donations between healthcare companies and aid agencies whose mission is to serve those in need by providing donated medicines and facilitating training in the skills necessary to distribute these responsibly. Alliance regularly donates pharmaceutical supplies for disaster relief and ongoing support of Doctors' Travel Packs. 

  4620834590_133x107.jpg                     "Bring healing to a suffering world"


Environmental Sustainability

Alliance is aspiring to environmental sustainability and works with its suppliers to improve its performance both in its own operations and within its supply chain. We believe best practice starts at home and for that reason ALL paper, plastic, glass, tin and foil is recycled. We also aim to reduce power consumption, for example by movement control lighting and in the longer term aims to reduce its carbon footprint by ongoing reviews of activities such as stationery, travel and water usage. Alliance is committed to a constant review of all its practices in order to support a sustainable environment.


In order to provide transparency and clarity around our collaboration with healthcare professionals and patient organisations, Alliance wishes to publish all funding associated, but not restricted to, the following activities:

  • Donations, grants and benefits in kind
  • Sponsorship of health professionals to attend meetings organised by third parties
  • Payments to consultants
  • Donations to patient organisations

We firmly believe that transparency is integral to successful collaboration with the healthcare community and as such we have undertaken to make this information freely available.

Please find disclosure of our collaborations below:


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Donations and Grants
Last updated:  9 March 2015

Last updated: 9 March 2015

Payments to healthcare professionals
Last updated: 9 March 2015



Republic of Ireland

No transfers of value were made in the period 2012-2015