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Deal History

Alliance was founded in 1996 by John Dawson (CEO) and began trading in 1998. Since then the company has grown consistently with a strong acquisition and value extraction programme.

June 2018


Alliance acquired the rights to Nizoral® in 15 territories in APAC from Johnson & Johnson

December 2017


Acquired the global rights to Vamousse® from TyraTech. Vamousse® strengthens our European base and provides the opportunity for us to expand our affiliate base into the US.

December 2017

Ametop Gel 4% w/w

Acquired rights to Ametop® from global medical technology business Smith & Nephew. Ametop® is an established product that adds to our growing dermatology business

December 2015

Sinclair Healthcare Products

Acquired Sinclair IS Pharma plc's healthcare products business consisting a portfolio of 27 products and including operations in Paris & Milan.

February 2015


Acquired UK based MacuVision Europe Limited, including its MACUSHIELD® eye care brand. The MACUSHIELD® range of food supplements is supplied in the form of daily capsules containing lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin.

January 2014


Acquired the rights to IRENAT™ from subsidiaries of Bayer AG. IRENAT™, an established prescription product, is marketed in Germany and provided the first business for our German operating company.

December 2013


Acquired the UK and Republic of Ireland rights to LYPSYL®, a well-known lip-care brand, from Novartis Consumer Health. This provided another addition to our growing consumer healthcare portfolio.

June 2013


Acquired all existing rights to SYNTOMETRINE®, an obstetric drug used in the final stage of child-birth, from Novartis Pharma AG. With sales in many countries world-wide including Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and New Zealand, this significantly boosted our international sales.

October 2012


Acquired Opus Healthcare Group, a UK-based supplier of stoma care products, taking us into a new therapy area.

August 2012

Paludrine, Avloclor and Savarine

Acquired the worldwide rights to the antimalarial brands PALUDRINE®, AVLOCLOR® and SAVARINE® from AstraZeneca UK Limited, leading to the creation of our French operating company.

December 2011

Quinoderm and Ceanel

Acquired the UK rights to the brands QUINODERM® and CEANEL® from Ferndale Pharmaceuticals Limited. QUINODERM® is an OTC acne treatment and CEANEL® is a shampoo used in the treatment of scalp psoriasis.

September 2011

Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited

Acquired the UK rights to six products from Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited. The majority of these sales and margin for this portfolio relates to RIZUDERM® (isotretinoin), which is used in the treatment of severe acne.

March 2011

Anbesol and Ashton & Parsons

Acquired the UK and Irish rights to the brands ANBESOL® and ASHTON & PARSONS® from Reckitt Benckiser. ANBESOL® is used to treat mouth ulcers, teething pains and denture irritation. ASHTON & PARSONS® is used in infants for the symptomatic relief of pain and stomach upset caused by teething.

February 2010

Cambridge Laboratories

Acquired the trade and certain assets of Cambridge Laboratories, to include a portfolio of 18 products, including two promoted oncology brands.

August 2009

Buccastem and Timodine

Acquired worldwide rights to the brands BUCCASTEM® for nausea and vomiting and TIMODINE® for severe nappy rash from Reckitt Benckiser.

August 2008


Acquired the brand PAVACOL-D®, a sugar-free cough suppressant that is suitable for use by diabetics from William Ransom & Sons.

March 2007


Acquired the rights to market FORCEVAL® in China and the Far East, through entering into a joint venture with a local distributor, increasing our international presence and giving us a point of entry into this important high growth territory.

October 2006


Acquired the UK rights to SYNTOMETRINE® from Novartis. Alliance had previously marketed and distributed SYNTOMETRINE® in the UK since 1998 under a distribution agreement.

September 2006


Acquired PERMITABS® in the UK and the Republic of Ireland for the treatment of infected wounds and skin conditions from Derma UK.

July 2006


Acquired the well-established oral steroid DELTACORTRIL®, the oral anti-histamine ATARAX® and TERRACORTRIL® from Pfizer, giving Alliance the UK rights to additional products for our dermatology range and other indications.

May 2006


Acquired the UK rights to DERMAMIST®, a cutaneous spray used for dry skin conditions, from Caraderm and further complementing our existing dermatology range.

February 2006


Acquired the UK rights to HYDROMOL®, a family of cream, emollient and ointment products for various dry skin conditions such as eczema, bringing critical mass to our dermatology portfolio.

January 2005

Integrating acquisitions

No new acquisitions this year as we were busy integrating acquisitions made in late 2004.

November 2004

Unigreg Ltd

Acquired the assets of Unigreg Ltd giving Alliance significant UK turnover and an international network of distributors with FORCEVAL®, a multivitamin and mineral food supplement.

November 2004


Acquired the rights to PERIOSTAT®in the UK, Europe and various international territories from CollaGenex Inc .

February 2004

Dermapharm Ltd

Acquired Dermapharm Ltd, gaining the rights to four niche dermatologicals.

December 2003

Alliance on the London Stock Exchange

No new acquisitions this year as most of our time was taken up with the floatation of the company on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange.

September 2002


Expanded into the Republic of Ireland with the acquisition of the rights to NU-SEALS® from Eli Lilly and Company.

April 2002

Alphaderm and Aquadrate

Acquired the rights to the dermatology brands ALPHADERM® and AQUADRATE® from Procter and Gamble.

October 2001

Symmetrel and Slow-K

Acquired the territory rights to SYMMETREL® and SLOW-K® from Novartis.

August 2001


Acquired the rights to DISTAMINE® from Eli Lilly.

January 1999

Naseptin, Broflex, Biorphen and Pragmatar

Alliance acquired the rights to NASEPTIN®, BROFLEX®, BIORPHEN® and PRAGMATAR from Bioglan.

April 1998

Arrangement with Novartis

Alliance entered into a fostering arrangement with Novartis and took over the marketing and distribution of 16 speciality prescription brands.