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polysiloxane, silicon dioxide

KELO-COTE® Spray is a silicone gel for the management and prevention of hypertrophic & keloid scars. By supporting the normalisation of collagen production, it helps to relieve the itching, discomfort and redness associated with scars, as well as helping to flatten and soften raised scars. 

KELO-COTE® Spray allows the gel to be applied without the need for rubbing or touching, making it particularly useful for painful and sensitive scars, or those in hard to reach places.

Please note that until further notice, all enquiries regarding medical information, adverse events or product complaints for KELO-COTE® should continue to be directed to Sinclair Pharma plc, please see here for further details.

Pack size: 100ml spray

PIP code: 325-7466

Legal status: Class I Medical Device

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