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Forceval Capsules

multivitamin & mineral preparation

This product is currently experiencing manufacturing issues. If you are a UK healthcare professional and you require further information please contact our Customer Services Team on 01249 466966 (90 capsules)

Forceval Capsules contain 24 essential vitamins and minerals for use as an adjunct therapy in conditions causing inadequate intake or absorption of vitamins and minerals. This includes but is not limited to patients suffering from malabsorption, bowel disease, anorexia or cachexia following chemo- or radio-therapy as well as patients on restricted and synthetic diets.

Pack size: 15 capsules

PIP code: 341-0594

Pack size: 30 capsules

PIP code: 010-3218

Pack size: 90 capsules

PIP code: 008-1489

Legal status: P

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